Product Catalog

ITL Digital Sheet Fed PressTM

Works on all digital sheet-fed toner and inkjet presses and other devices. This grading service and set of drop-and-play PDF targets assesses and grades your toner sheet-fed equipment.

ITL002 – One Shot Grading – $470.00 US

ITL Wide Format PressTM

ITL Wide Format grading works on all brands of wide format printing equipment as well as all substrates and ink types. A set of specially-designed targets measures and compares the imagery from your wide format device of choice.

ITL003 – One Shot Grading – $470.00 US

ITL Inkjet Web PressTM

ITL image assessment tools are used by nearly all press manufacturers to measure the imagery on current and in-development products. Today the same ability is available to you to measure your production inkjet web printing. The measurements are graded to help you optimize your inkjet press. ITL Ink Jet Web grading works with all substrates, inks, color management and workflows.

ITL004 – One Shot Grading – $ 470.00 US

ITL Offset PressTM

Field testing in the most demanding high-end offset plants we could find enabled us to develop a special test target that grades and reports a wide range of printing factors. ITL Offset works on both sheeted and web offset equipment using any inks or substrates. ITL Offset works for all forms of offset including packaging and specialty printing materials and processes.

ITL005 – One Shot Grading – $ 485.00 US

ITL ProofingTM

Ever feel like your proofing system is not exactly where it should be but you never could lay your finger on it exactly or understand the problem fully? The ITL Proofing measurement and grading product works on all forms and methods of proofing systems capable of imaging a PDF file. Now with the ITL Proofing grading tool you can confirm your imaging concerns and pinpoint the issue.

ITL006 – One Shot Grading – $ 470.00 US

ITL Photo/Govt./Scientific ImagingTM

All forms of photo imaging from a PDF can be measured by ITL. This includes a wide range of writing and exposure systems from photographic print emulsions, specialty recording materials, thermal, dye transfer, and inkjet up through the very high end. ITL Photo/Govt./Scientific provides easy- to-follow grading with an outline of imagery strengths and weaknesses.

ITL007 – One Shot Grading – $470.00 US

ITL Digital Toner Web PressTM

Works on all digital web fed presses. Both liquid and dry toner. This grading service and set of drop-and-play PDF targets assesses and grades your toner web fed equipment.

ITL013 Digital Toner Web – $470.00 US

ITL PressFaxTM

ITL PressFaxTM assesses the print quality of presses for prospective sale or purchase. An equipment seller can show a purchaser or sales agent the ITL PressFaxTM grade measurement of the press output. The buyer can see what the press is capable of producing before purchase, helping to eliminate surprises.

ITL008 – ITL008 – Press Grading Report – $485.00 US

ITL Before and AfterTM

ITL Before and After is a special processing of two test runs performed on a specific press using the same settings and materials but run at two different times. This allows for a special ITL report that directly compares the two target runs. For example, if your press is in need of service, you run the first set of targets before the service occurs. After the service is performed you run the second set of targets. ITL then generates a report showing any change in grading of specific printer properties as a result of the service. This can greatly assist communications with your vendor. In addition, if equipment or settings around the press change, you can run ITL Before and After to measure if any of the print properties have changed. This may assist in optimizing your press and printing environment.

ITL010 Before and After – $740.00 US

ITL Head to HeadTM

ITL Head to Head is a set of assessment targets that compare two printers or the same printer in two different states. For example, you can use ITL Head to Head to compare one press to another, or the same press with different settings, or the same press with different papers using the same settings. If you are purchasing printing or equipment, you could run ITL Head to Head at each vendor and compare their equipment graded results. The options are up to your needs. Results are shown in a special ITL Head to Head report.

ITL011 Head to Head – $740.00 US

ITL TestPack 4TM

ITL recognizes that customers may wish to run our grading system over a time period or on a group of presses. ITL TestPack 4 provides a discount for purchasing four runs in a single order. TextPack 4 is sold as a set of four tests that you can run on any equipment at any time of your choosing.

ITL009 – 4 One Shot Runs – $974.00 US

ITL DocumentationTM


ITL012 Documentation – $1.00 US