Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my images graded?

Order ITL grading from the product catalog on this website. Print three sets of the appropriate ITL grading target on your choice of paper, and simply mail two sets to ITL. That is it. We do the rest.

What is in the ITL report?

You receive a detailed report card that is extremely easy to understand. The report card uses an easy to follow A, B, C- style grading system evaluating many aspects of the printer, including about a dozen individual attributes.

The ITL image grading report card also pinpoints strengths and weaknesses, greatly assisting in addressing and correcting imaging issues. It can help you communicate effectively with service technicians, who also can easily understand the report card, helping to speed corrective action.

In addition to the ITL report card, you receive a report comparing attributes of your imaging device with a composite of similar devices scored by ITL. See a report.

How does ITL grading work?

ITL takes approximately two dozen observations and measurements from your printouts and groups them into a specially-engineered set of image attribute scores. These attributes include register, memory colors, line adjacency, addressable resolution, solids, mottle, streaks, neutrals and facial tones, among other critical attributes.

Our patent pending algorithms interpret and process the image attributes, discretely grading each one.

We report the grades in three main categories:

  1. Total Color
  2. Solids
  3. Lines and Text

Each category receives a composite grade. In turn, the three summary category grades are combined into an overall, total grade.

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How does paper affect ITL grading?

ITL recommends that you use the type of paper that the press you want graded runs the most of. For customers who want to test different papers on the same press, we offer Head to Head, Before and After, and a cumulative comparison report of all print runs on the press.

Paper companies use ITL to measure and compare the performance of different lines of paper with established and emerging press technologies, as well as with different ink and toner technology.

What is my return from using ITL grading?

Customers have reported many benefits from using our image grading services. These benefits include buying or selling a press, demonstrating press capability, optimizing printing, enhancing communication with service technicians, delivering a proven benchmark, and moving a press.

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