Return on Investment (ROI) for the ITL Image GraderTM

The ITL Image Grader ROI is presented here with a mathematical breakeven calculation as well as examples of returns obtained by customers.

First we present a demonstration of how the ITL Image Grader delivers in a small entity cost scenario. The following simple calculation shows how even the smallest printing operation can attain a near instantaneous breakeven from the ITL Image Grader.

Image Grader Product Breakeven Calculation

To represent the small business affordability environment, we chose a Xerox C75 entry-level color digital press without bells and whistles delivering 75, 8.5 x 11 white uncoated sheet single-sided printed color pages a minute. The price for this printer is $40,000. The cost of the paper is 1.9 cents per sheet. According to Xerox, the cost for a monthly print volume of 40,000 full-color, single-sided sheets, including materials and service, is 4 cents per page. Running for 12 months the calculated basic press cost is $36,800.00 a year. Based on the cost of an ITL Image Grader test pack 4 pricing, a one time grading for a single press is $243.50.

The breakeven cost for a single grading run at press purchase as part of press acceptance testing is ($243.50/$36,800) x 100 = 0.662 percent of press purchase and running cost for a single year.

Attached to the procurement paperwork of the press, the ITL Image Grader report would be used for 5 years as a press reference for a typical 5-year service contract. In this case, the ITL Image Grader cost to press investment is 0.1324 percent of this smallest of press setups.

The benefit is to minimize the risk of the press investment for a cost of less than 1 percent of that investment. In addition, the customer can use the initial report as a print quality benchmark at any time during the life of the press as well use the report as a guide for servicing the press. The cost of use for the ITL Image Grader on large digital and offset presses is astonishingly lower in cost and high in return.

Investing $243.50* – What is Your Return?

Please weigh the ROIs in the following discussion with the low percent breakeven cost we just discussed.

Following are typical ROI results based on uses reported by some of our customers.

  1. Buying/Selling a press. See the above breakeven description.
  2. Demonstrate capability. Printers use the ITL Image Grader to demonstrate that they can print at the image quality a customer requires. If selling printing to online customers unfamiliar with the printing firm, sharing the press grade assists sales. The return is at least one additional sale that otherwise might have been lost.
  3. Optimize printing. The ITL Image Grader tests and reports results for a given press with varying settings and different materials. The ITL Image Grader helps confirm settings. In addition, the customer receives a review and “helpful hints” for optimizing image quality. The return to the customer is optimal performance from his or her investment.
  4. Enhance communications with service technicians. The ITL Image Grader shows service technicians how the press performs and compares to similar equipment. This helps the technician zero in on getting a press running right and delivering for the money invested. The return is a faster repair, reduced down time.
  5. Deliver a proven benchmark. Because the ITL Image Grader report shows how the tested print equipment compares with comparable presses, the customer has an objective measure of where his or her print quality stands as against the competition and the industry as a whole. This information helps verify that the printer’s investment is at par or better with the industry.
  6. Moving a Press or Imaging Equipment. When a press is to be moved, the ITL Image Grader “Before and After” reporting helps assure that the move has not affected the print quality of the press or imaging equipment.

*$243.50 based on price of single test run from ITL Test Pack 4

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