Stephenson Printing's Superior Quality Demands Special Skills and Tools

George W. Stephenson, President, Stephenson Printing, Inc., has for many decades delivered the highest quality printing to the most demanding customers in the commercial printing industry. Stephenson's management philosophy insisting on quality first requires hands on top managerial and technical oversight of the entire printing process. According to Stephenson:

"We have successfully run ITL grading on our offset, digital and proofing systems. In over 50 years of production printing I have never seen anything like ITL’s image grading...I want you to know just how impressed I am with Image Test Labs' image grading system. As of today, since this past October we have graded our Approval and GMC Inkjet proofing systems, our Xeikon dry toner digital web press, our HP Indigo liquid toner digital sheetfed press and our new Hi-speed Hi-Print Roland sheetfed press. We are currently using the Image Grader product on our Heidelberg full-web presses.

"The Image Test Labs grades have been extremely helpful in verifying or own internal testing and, in many cases, improving image standards. In fact, with one press, we were able to show the manufacturer specifically where their quality standard could be improved which led to us getting a much better use of our service program with them. Again, I am extremely impressed and just want to thank you for bringing Image Test Labs Image Grading to Stephenson Printing."

George W. Stephenson, President, Stephenson Printing, Inc.

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